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We Make Secure, Seamless & Frictionless Payments an
Everyday Convenience.


We help businesses grow their brands and attract more customers while empower individuals to lead a hassle-free, time saving and limitless state-of-living through wide range of financial platforms, products & services.

Recharge & Bill Payments

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For Business​

We understand that every business and industry faces unique challenges and goals. That's why Al Ahly Momkn top-notch payment solutions and services are specifically designed to assist businesses in sending and accepting payments securely and seamlessly. We also aim to provide a convenient and hassle-free payment experience that is accessible to a wide range of clients.

Instant Billing & Quicker Payments

Cut down time spent on billing and payment processes leading to shorter lines and happier customers.​

Secure Payment Solutions

Flexible & Scalable Payment Solution

Grow your business, reach more customers and handle high volume usage as your company increases in size and reach.​

Secure Payment Process 

Protect your clients’ data from fraud and theft at all times through exclusive, secure channels to achieve compliance.​

Simple Reporting

Have instant, easily accessible, and up-to-date valuable insights  into your business performance and customer experience.​

Turning Every Point of Sale into A Point of Delight ​​

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Secure wide range of financial solutions, services and multiple

payment channels ​

Become A Partner​​



Secure custom services

and cost-competitive rates​​

More Happy,

Returning  Customers​

Cross-marketing activities and promotions.

Customer insights and reports. ​

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Monthly Transactions

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Cash Collected Monthly

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End-users Across Egypt


Different Industries

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Financial Services

Our Partners
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